Business leaders from more than 100 countries pledge support for multilateralism as the United Nations turns 75

New York, NY, United States of America Over one thousand CEOs endorse Statement on Renewed Global Cooperation and pledge to unite in the business of a better world UNITED NATIONS, New York, 21 September 2020 — More than 1,000 Chief Executive Officers from companies in over 100 countries have demonstrated their support for the United … Continue reading Business ...

Israel Joins the Power of STEM Learning Ecosystems With the Support of U.S. Leaders

The TIES-led Initiative Continues Its Impact Globally // CISION PR Newswire CLEVELAND, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — More than 125 leaders from education, business and industry, government, philanthropy, non-profits and after-school organizations met in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 22 to launch a STEM Learning EcosystemsSM (SLE) Community of Practice, mirroring the success of SLE’s in the United States. Led by TIES, a global STEM workforce … Continue reading Israel ...

Israel’s startup ecosystem makes way for ed-tech

The burgeoning field of education technology is growing fast in Israel, and many view the country as the ideal beta site for ed-tech initiatives. Schools worldwide are prioritizing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to prepare students for the workplace of tomorrow. And what better way to teach technological subjects, as well as many other … Continue reading Israel’s ...

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